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Spare Part Logistics

Our spare part logistics give you peace of mind. Our Service Team will advise you in all aspects of your spare parts: from putting together a customised spare parts package, to the replacement of spare parts that have been used and on through to the organisation of your reserve stock of spare parts. The optional customised online shop offering exactly those parts that are installed in your individual system rounds of the service package.

Advice with spare parts

An optimised stock of key spare parts is an absolute must if you wish to carry out repair work or system maintenance in an effective and timely manner. Our Spare Parts Team will support you so you always have an overview: from an existing stock of spare parts on to optimising your spare part inventory.

Spare part packages

To ensure that complex logistics systems operate smoothly you need the right spare parts at the right time. Our Service Team will help you here and put together a spare parts package customised to meet the particular needs of your system.

Spare parts on site

Key spare parts must be ready to hand quickly in an emergency. To make the accessibility and the organization of the spare parts easier for you, we offer a spare parts cabinet with a bin location management system.

What is a spare parts cabinet?
All the key spare parts you need for your particular system are stored in this cabinet – organised and labelled to allow simple use and management. So you always have a direct overview of your stock, you can see immediately if any parts are missing so managing the stock could not be easier. Our Dürkopp team also know the exact contents of your cabinet and can advise you in the event of servicing.

Dürkopp Shop

Your online platform for spare parts

To offer you a speedy spare parts delivery tailored to your needs, we provide to you a customized online shop. Within the shop you find from a range of more than 51,000 articles only the parts that are used within your system. This makes spare parts supply easy for you.

The Dürkopp Shop is a web-based application that is available in different languages. Using the shopping cart function you can send your spare part enquiries directly to the Dürkopp Service Department who will send you an offer by email without delay.

How does the Online Shop work?

  • 1. You contact us via e-mail
  • 2. We provide online a customized range of spare parts tailored to your special needs. For this purpose we charge a nonrecurring service charge.
  • 3. The online shop will be set up for you.
  • 4. The menu will now navigate you to the respective assembly group. All components are illustrated.
  • 5. You simply add the required service part to your shopping cart and transmit your price inquiry or purchase order then via e-mail.