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Sorter Pocket

The bag is controlled by the RFID transponder of the roll adapter to which it is connected. The bag itself is made of polyester fabric with its lower part reinforced with a sheet of plastic. The stainless steel frame has a dual function: it gives the bag its shape and when lifted at charging stations also opens the bag widely.

The workflow is made simpler and more reliable from the charging to the packing station – operators at the charging station remove the single items from containers or cartons, run them by the scanner with a single movement of the hand and throw them into a chute. The goods are now in a bag, always one item to a bag. From here onwards all other steps are carried out automatically, buffering, for example, or multi-stage sequencing.

After sorting all the goods for one order arrive at the packing stations in the prescribed sequence. Monitors display additional information, such as the quantity of items in an order, the type of packaging or even photos of the products that have to be packed. Operators take the goods out of the bags and pack them according to customer orders.

As the bag systems uses the same components as the roll adapter systems, the concept is ideally suited to consolidating both the hanging and flat-packed goods of an order automatically.