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Split Tray

The split tray is the right solution wherever high-performance sorting of flat-packed goods is required. It consists of transport trays that are connected horizontally and onto which the goods to be sorted are placed. When it reaches its destination the tray opens and the single items fall into a container or carton or onto a chute. There are various options allowing a variation of the basic design.

The goods can be placed manually on the trays by the operators at the charging station. Alternatively there is also an automatic charging station available. Scanning of the barcode or RFID transponder on the goods can also be effected either manually or automatically.

There are also different tray models available. Single trays with maximum dimensions allow flexibility in the sizes of goods. Maximum performance on the other hand can be achieved with double tray sorters. In this case the basic tray is split into two halves. This doubles efficiency where small items are concerned.

The two sides of the tray open independently of each other, so that items placed on both sides (e.g. t-shirts) can be sorted to different destinations. Large items (e.g. jeans) can still be placed over the complete tray. The system recognises this automatically and opens both sides of the tray simultaneously.

The special drive system of the split tray sorter allows virtually any track configurations, even ones that include upward and downward gradients.