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Trolley systems can be implemented almost universally in hanging goods logistics. They consist of a track system plus the goods carrier (trolley) that separates the goods from the materials handling equipment. This makes the system equally well suited for the transport of bagged bundles of garments as well as for use in the automotive sector where the trolleys can be adapted exactly to match the parts to be transported.

The trolleys can be equipped with either barcodes or RFID transponders for identification and control. The design can be configured as both fully automatic and manual systems. Where the handling of hanging garments is concerned there are standardised interfaces allowing simple linking to trolley-less systems, adapter systems and sorters.

Thanks to its sturdy construction the monorail trolley system needs very little maintenance and has a long service life. The system components are the result of our many years of experience in the handling of hanging goods and undergo continuous further development.

They ensure optimum results for users with regard to throughput rates and cost effectiveness.

Mini-trolley 301

The mini-trolley is the very core of the system. With its sturdy plastic construction it offers a multitude of useful features. Hardened steel rollers ensure smooth operation, even if you transport several loaded mini-trolleys. You can use the optional coupling for pulling the trolley trains.

The hanger lock, also available as an option, holds your goods safely on the trolley if you are in a hurry. Every mini-trolley can be equipped with a barcode or a transponder.

The aim of this development was to reduce manual handling of hanging goods to an absolute minimum, in contrast to the 763 trolley that is ideally suited for fully automatic handling.

Distribution is effected via specially developed points and junctions, the rail is designed as single round tube and a reversible drag chain allows manoeuvring of different levels. The use of only a few simple components means the system can be expanded without any great time or effort, whereby it is quite possible for our customers’ own technicians to make any minor changes that might be needed.