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Trolley-less systems

With this system goods can be transported with maximum throughput performance without the need of carriers. All you have to do is hang the clothes hangers directly into the system! This system works so smoothly because we have spent many years working on the details and have put great effort into optimising the range of possible hangers in such a way that the system can handle virtually every type of standard hanger – regardless of whether you are talking about metal hangers, clip-on hangers or plastic hangers.

You can use the trolley-less technology to convey single items or to transport whole blocks of goods that are several meters long into storage. Automatic solutions are used for transporting goods over long distances and for complex sorting processes while processing and buffer areas, in which it must be possible to slide goods freely, are operated manually.

This combination ensures you get a tailor-made system with a high level of process reliability that offers an ideal investment/personnel ratio.