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Roll adapter

The basic idea is to overcome the issues with the clothes hanger with its unpredictable behaviour and to use instead a standardised automated adapter that, equipped additionally with an RFID transponder, can be identified clearly and reliably. Once linked to this adapter the garments can pass through the entire internal logistics process safely.

Items from incoming goods or conventional storage areas are connected to a roll adapter automatically in an allocation station. From this point onwards the goods can be identified at any time in the system via RFID coding, which can be configured to enable storage, sorting and picking processes of virtually any degree of complexity.

Small and inconspicuous the adapter might be, but it is nevertheless the result of an intensive development phase that has made it sturdy, reliable and durable. The more than 1,000,000 adapters in daily use at our customers’ are sufficient proof of this.

Its large opening allows the use of a wide range of different plastic or metal hangers as well as the transport of various other hooked load carriers. So flat-packed goods, for example, can also be hung on special hangers.

Plastic-coated track rollers ensure quiet and smooth operation while the integrated sealed industrial bearings guarantee a long service life.